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July 2007

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I've been so damn busy these days that I am kind of sick and tired of work and writing stupid college papers. That's why I started reading some Harry Potter fanfics and suddenly it hit me:Severus Snape and Hermione Granger? Why not? Though I think it's practically impossible now at the end of HBP but after a few years...
At first I rejected this ship but now it seems to grow on me. Did some searches and now I'm all into reading fanfics. Though the majority of fics that I've found are quite absurd and out of characters some other are readable. My take on this ship is that Severus and Hermione meet a few years after the war (considering that they both survive and Severus is cleared of all accusations) maybe at Hogwarts and discover that they have something in common. But as I'm not a huge fan of Hermione as she is built by JKR, with a few changes the pair would work out fine. But the girl really must grow up and learn to deal with a real man like Severus.
And then ANYONE is better than that awful boy Ronald Weasley. If JKR keeps them two together in the end then Hermione's future is doomed. I see her as more independent and growing a red head family is quite a nightmare. What can I say, Ron is just not fit for her. He needs at least 20 or 30 years to grow up and match her. So why wait so long when a perfectly intelligent man is waiting for her? And they could both vent their frustrations about their bloodlines in a perfect sexual relationship. Ahhh...I'm a naughty girl after all!


I'll admit that I'm not terribly familiar with Harry Potter; I've only seen the films a few times each and that's just about the extent of my knowledge. However, that didn't stop me from pondering the idea of Hermione/Snape. I'm not sure what my thing is with shipping the feisty, independent female leads with the dark and shady type guys, but what can I say? It works ^_^
i'm with you on the papers... (hugs) stupid final exams and term papers... can you beleive i found a grey hair this morning? 27 and i've got a grey. LOL... well, if anything it'll look cool when i get a streak. hahahaha
(hugs again)

hey, you spruced the joint up! :D
Ca sa fiu sincera mie imi place combinatia Harry/Luna si uimitor si ciudata Harry/Draco nu ma intreba de ce chiar si eu imi pun intrebari pe chestia asta. Insa Luna si Harry mi s-au parut tot timpul perechea perfecta. Harry e atat de apasat de probleme si Luna e atat de plina de viata, e exemplu clasic de Reav desi la prima vedere nu pare. Pe Snape il combin cu oricine in afara de Hermione,de fapt eu nu pot sa o suport pe Granger, poate e pentru ca sunt Slytherin si ea e ... desi nu cred mai sigur e pentru ca e uimitor de enervanta.
Si mie mi se pare enervanta, dar ma gandesc ca se poate schimba. Sau o poate schimba el. Adica Severus. De fapt cred ca relatia lor ar fi undeva la limita intre iubire si ura. In fine, e doar fantezie...