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July 2007

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Severus and his wife

Yeah I'm going to ramble again like a crazy goat!
Today I was thinking about Severus as usual and wondered whether there is a possibility that he might have a wife somewhere whom he actually loves. Don't know if this is something that JKR is going to explain in book seven but I sure would like that.
Oh, for my Barbossa girls...yes I have a slight obsession for Severus Snape from the Harry Potter series. But not to worry Barbie is still my number one. I just can't wait to get home and read chapter 10 from Fateful irony. I didn't really get the time to read it yet (and I still don't have it if I think about my exams) but no matter what I'm gonna read it tonight.
Getting back to Severus I couldn't find nice icons with him anywhere...


your icon scared me. I thought I was nuts when I saw movement... lol.

not a fan of HP at all, but I"m sure there're lots of icons out there. Hell, I've seen em all over the place! You're sure to find something you like, or if not, check out some of those screencap websites and make a few yourself? :)
I'm a newbie to the HP fandom, but I like Snape too. There's just something about him that's very appealing.
Mmmm what's not to adore about Snape? Grrrrowwwwwllll, what a divine man!