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July 2007

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Brilliant, just brilliant

Well folks I am still very excited because I finally managed to read chapter 10 from Fateful Irony and...and...I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!
What can I say about it? Perfect Barbossabeth all the way!
And that letter in the end...OMG...I can actually see Liz becoming a little Barbossa on her own.
And yes, the cat and mouse game suits them so very well!
This cannot end. It's too good to end. If the writer is out there please continue!
As a small comment of my own: I would like to see a little Will and Jack jealousy over Liz and Barbossa fighting to keep her.
Hell, I don't know why Ted&Terry just don't see how well this two characters can get along! They are meant to be together!!!!!!!!!!
All right I need a break now!


*squee* I'm glad you liked it. And that letter was actually a very last minute addition, I was about to save and publish when I went 'Hmm, this would be cute.' And I do plan to continue it at least until I resolve the plotlines with Davy and Beckett. Oh yes, and you won't be disappointed with Will and Jack's reactions to the blossoming relationship between our betrayer and mutineer (that's what I like to call them).

Oh, and if I remember right, you were amongst those who was left a bit confused about where Will went at the end of Chapter 9; I guess I wans't very clear on that. Barbs and Liz stayed on the Orpheus while Will joined Jack on the Pearl, since neither ship is capable of sailing by itself, and I also think it makes Will very uncomfortable to be around our lovely couple. And of course he's got his own motives for wanting the Pearl.
OMG so you are the writer. Congratulations! What more can I say, thanks for replying I love the fic and hope next chapter will be up soon :)
Barbossabeth all the way!

The fic is just too delicious ;)