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July 2007

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I was thinking about the third part now that we are excited on the trailer and stuff. I really hope that this movie is not going to be a disappointement. I mean there are many characters, many plots and perhaps the time won't allow the writers to solve all the problems. I've seen this in other movies and in the end only the main characters get a proper treatment, the others are discarded too easily and without many explanations. Hope this is not the case with AWE.
I wonder if there is going to be a fourth part...
The more I think about this issue the more I get convinced that Liz and Will getting together in the end would be sooo fairy tale like and not my style. But this is Disney after all...
As for Davy dying, what can I say, I expect it, but try to enjoy the time he will have on the screen.
Can't wait till May, but things are going to be really tough considering I will have my final exams then and won't be able to truly enjoy the fandom.


think of it as the fandom will have time to start writing and fix the ending if Davy dies. LOL
Well, I really hope so!
that's what we're all here for! lol.
I hope there isn't going to be a fourth part. I mean, as much as I love the fandom, I can just see Disney wringing the franchise of every penny it can produce ala George Lucas until eventually it starts sucking and you're just tired of it. And I think that a few of the characters are going to be killed/done away with for no good reason. If they managed to tie up every loose satisfactorily, the movie would be, like five hours.

But that's just my opinion ^^