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July 2007

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I want to thank two people who actually remembered that my birthday was yesterday: blacksound and xnuinx. You are really great, people! Special thanks to blacksound for the wonderful Alan Rickman icons!


La multi ani! Si sa cresti mare :)!

I hope you don't mind...

Hey... I wandered over from the Harry Potter community. I left a reply to your reply, but by the time I finished it yours was gone already.

Just wanted to say, despite the fact that I was one of the main debaters of your points in your post, and while I don't agree with many of the points you raised, I am sorry that you kind of got attacked the way you were. I think I know what you meant to say regarding criticisms that you have of JK Rowling's work... but poor choices in wording let us all down sometimes. You came across a lot more blunt/critical than I think you meant to be and got eaten alive for it. I don't think the post should have been deleted, or your replies, and I don't think you should have been singled out in this particular way by the mods. (I left two replies to that particular post - one to the OP and one to you.)

Ah well. Moving on. Here's hoping the debates go more smoothly from now on. Oh! And you just replied. I guess I didn't need to come here after all, but in case all of that gets deleted as well, I'll leave this here.

Cheers mate.

Re: I hope you don't mind...

Thanks for this kind reply. Indeed I am very, extremely bad with words and people rarely understand what I'm trying to say. It's my fault and not theirs in any case. I just wanted to say that these books have their downside as well and maybe we could discuss that too. That's all. I'm not one of those people who want to kill JKR if they saw her. Heaven forbid she created something in her life, I did nothing. She deserves some praise for that.
Guess next time I want to play the critic I should really double check my arguments.