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July 2007

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very interesting

Another thing I noticed recently: Many Harry Potter fans are also Pirates of the Caribbean fans. At least this is what I could see from their icons which flash POTC sometimes. That's a nice thing to know, at least I'm not the only one who goes from one fandom to another. I wonder what other fandoms are of high interest on livejournal...I also secretly wonder what other people have listed on their friends page  ^ quite ashamed^
I could see that LOTR kind of died after the movies and that was quite sad. Not many Hannibal Lecter addicts either.
I also wonder what will happen with the POTC fandom after the release of the third part. Hope it's not gonna die out.


I also wonder what will happen with the POTC fandom after the release of the third part. Hope it's not gonna die out.

I'm kinda hoping that myself. That would be a shame. =(
interest always dies without either fresh material or new speculation/hope. with rumours of more potc movies, who knows how long the fandom will last?
oh, and for hannibal, go to typhoidandswans.com... there's a rather large Lecter fic archive there. :D
My dear as a Leterfanatic for more than 10 years now, I frequented all the posibble and impossible fanfiction sites. So yes I know about typhoidandswans. I love it. Thanks for the link. Gather you're a fan, too? ^wink^
ooooooh yeah, since... um... i don't know, 2002 or so i think.

the forum of that site is still producing some new fic, but not much anymore, unfortunately.
I still have to watch the third LotR. It's still sitting on my shelf. I'd been looking forward to it, too, so I have no idea why.

ST3K, anime, etcetera, there is a lot of crossovers regarding fandoms. I like Avatar: The Last Airbender, too, and KND, and... Well, there are quite a few things that I like, so I'm not strictly a Potterhead. And yes, I like PotC, too, and Edward Scissorhands, and The Nightmare Before Christmas, and... *pauses to breathe* Well, I like lots of things, lol.

Oh, and we cannot forget Space Ghost: Coast to Coast and The Brak Show, now, can we? XD
I dearly hope the PotC fandom doesn't die out, that would be terrible. That's much of the reason why a 4th film wouldn't be a bad idea...will keep the fun alive, at least for a little while longer! I don't think it's run its race yet. I think if there is a 4th movie it should be a prequel.

Proud Harry Potter AND PotC fan here...I've also noticed quite a lot of people are fans of both. Interesting.
Yes I want a potc4 too. Might even be a prequel but with Barbossa in it. Otherwise it won't be any good.
Cred ca are de a face cu faptul ca in general fanii HP sunt fani fantasy in primul rand , si cred ca poti spune despre "Piratii din caraibe" ca e fantasy. Eu de exemplu pot spune ca imi place POTC insa nu sunt fan, insa sunt fantasy.

Cat despre LOTR ... da ... a disparut din lumina reflectoarelor, insa doar pt cei care stiu doar filmul, eu personal sunt indargostita de JRRT asa ca pentru mine e inca in lumina reflectoarelor
Tu stii cum se poate schimba layoutul jurnalului? Am vazut cateva comunitati care au layouturi gratis dar nu prea am inteles cum se face.
Pai in general au si tutoriale la cum se face. In principal te duci la Customize si urmezi pasii precizati de cel care a facut layout-ul. Eu iti recomand layout-urile S2 doar pentru ca poti edita foarte mult la ele. Cum sa iti spun , eu stiu cum se poate insa avand in vedere cam cate sunt e greu acu sa iti explic pentru toate in parte.

De ex al meu e Flexible Square si as putea sa iti spun aici, insa daca citesti cu atentie instructiunile lor nu ai cum sa nu reusesti.
Multumesc, o sa incerc.
Cu placere, singurul sfat sigur care pot sa ti-l dau e sa iti setezi reclamele sa apara in side-bar ( adica daca ai reclame e obligatoriu sa ai sidebar). Apesi pe customize din chenarul cu reclame, setezi veritical, si apoi din lista aia iti alegi doar 2 optiuni, stiu ca scrie 5, dar stai linistita ca oricum iti pun mai multe de cat zic ei.:) Uite eu i-am editat layout-ul pe care il are acum lovesnape ca sa intelegi despre ce vorbesc.
Aaaaaaaaaaaa....sper sa ma descurc. Ma depaseste uneori toata tehnologia asta. Dar o sa-mi fac timp sa vad care e treaba.
I've noticed the same thing as far as people having PotC and Harry Potter in common. To be honest, I'm fairly new to Potter fandom and have yet to pick up a book. Promise I'll get on that though, at least someday. LotR fandom actually has died out, which is sad. I guess things just eventually get talked over so much that there's nothing left to talk about, unless one resorts to fanfiction.

As far as more movies, I'd much rather have a prequel than a sequel, though I recently read somewhere that Johnny was ready to hang up his sword and be done with Jack, but he could probably be convinced to come back.

P.S. Another thing I've noticed is that most fans of Barbossa and the Barbs/Liz pairing are also Snape fans ^_^
Well they kind of love the bad guys, right?