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July 2007

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Same thing for me

I realized that I don't care on whose side Severus Snape really is. I will keep on loving him anyway. Even as a ruthless and convinced Death Eater he's still the best damn character in the entire series. Even if he dies, I hope there will be people out there who will write good fan fiction keeping him alive. So I won't bother reading all sorts of theories regarding his loyalties. I will stick with him in any case.


te sustin in totalitate. E de departe cel mai bun personaj din carte, foarte bine creat, si foarte real. Ca sa fiu sincera nu cred ca mi-a pasta vreo data de ce parte e, insa de intrigat m-a intrigat si m-a facut sa fiu curioasa :d
Exact! He's the best! ^sigh^
Well, if he turns out to be as evil as Lucius Malfoy, then I would be lying if I said that it didn't matter to me at all. His being evil would be a stain on how I see Snape, but nevertheless I will always find him interesting. It will just make me see him in a different light and I don't know what the consequences will be for my ability to enjoy SS/HG fics. :-/

I personally believe that Snape is on the good side, and hope that that belief is confirmed in the final book (I also hope that Snape won't die, by the way). I can't see how a wise, omniscient man such as Dumbledore could have made such a great error in judgement where Snape is concerned - could Snape really have fooled Dumbledore all those years? I doubt it. I trust Dumbledore's judgement and believe that Snape is good and that his entire role in the books will become clear in the end. :)
I trust Dumbledore too and hope he was not wrong about Severus. But as JKR kind of confirmed that there is a redemptive pattern with this character even if he turns out evil Hermione could change him, right? The power of love ^sigh^ LOL


First she would clean his hair, then she had to look at his face. It would have been more practical to conjure a stretcher and levitate him out of here, to better place.

But she din’t want other people to see him as he was at the moment. He didn’t deserved pity, only acknowledgement.

During the cleansing, the watering of his hair, and the useless tries to loose some of the strands, she had suddenly the faint feeling of a tremble.

She looked at her hands, smeared with crumbles of gore, they were shaking. That was it. She continued, but again, there was something…

A movement?

Shocked she tore her hands away and looked over the body, it must have been an illusion! But no the toe of a boot sticking out of his cloak was twitching. She leaped up, her heart was beating fast… And her battle reflexes settled in, she posed herself in fighter-stance, wand on the ready.

To her bewilderment a raspy moan came from the dead body, it tried to move, she shrieked, resolved to fight an Inferi.

“Please,” it said very huskily, so faintly, the blood rushing in her ears almost prevented her, from understanding, what the thing was saying: “please, Miss Granger, from all the people I can think of to be responsible to groom my hair for my burial, you are the last person I would choose to be apt for the task.”

Re: 2.part


Re: 1. part: Hidden One-shot, please delete :) I hope it's not too bad :(

Ah....I love this ship!

Re: 1. part: Hidden One-shot, please delete :) I hope it's not too bad :(

Glad you liked it :)