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July 2007

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AWE thoughts

The first thing that comes into my mind after seeing this movie is: beautiful failure. If you're a fan as I am it's very entertaining but if you're not a fan...well it's kind of hard to take it with all its flaws (and yes there are many but I will not dwell much into them). Anyway speaking about the characters...
Jack: funny and charming as usual but if you're not used with him it can become annoying.
Will: well I personally don't like this character very much and the way they dealt with him in the end was a very predictable and boring solution.
Barbossa: yes folks he saved the whole movie for me. He was the best along with Jack the monkey. Very glad that he got the Pearl in the end (sorry Jack!) and really pray that he will appear in a fouth part.
Elizabeth: definetely Mary Sue! I feel sorry for her and I feel sorry for all the Sparabeth fans out there who thought they could get something out of this movie. Frankly I did not see any interraction between these two characters and it was obvious for who was Liz going even from the line: "You thought I love him!" I too hoped for some Sparabeth, but...As for this possibility in a fouth movie all I can say is NO WAY! (sorry again for Sparabeths)
Also the ending with the 1 day/10 years thing is soooo dissapointing. So I'm supposed to believe that she will wait for Will 10 YEARS alone on a deserted island? C'mon this is worse than a fairy tale ending!
If I were her I would bloody run away with someone ( might I even suggest who? Yes it's him, Barbossa, he has a ship and he's free to take her on a trip around the world!!! Don't know what she's waiting for...)
Davy: he was kind of reduced to nothing, but I liked his interraction with Calypso and the fact that he spoke more about his past. But I can't figure out who betrayed who in that relationship: Calypso left him or he failed to do his duty? Also did Davy die or did he become a god like his beloved?
Calypso: all I can say is that I liked her better in this movie. She actually seemed human. But I wonder if things were bad when she was loose what did the pirates gain by freeing her? Another tirany?
Norrington: did not deserve to die but I truly think there was no way out for him. Unless he turned pirate like those guys...
Pintel and Ragetti: funny, funny but not exagerrated funny
Beckett: nothing spectacular about him. Liked the way he died though.
Sao Feng: better without than with him.
Teague: weird idea to have him in, but it worked. Funny!
Well that's about it, hope they will make a fourth part ONLY FOR BARBOSSA. And hope he will get a girl, as he said in an interview that he suggested it to the writers LOL