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July 2007

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Doctor Who?

I realized that everyone is speaking about this serial and I have no idea what it is about. As I'm far away from the civilized world, in Romania and I'm not a TV fanatic I am totally unaware of new or not so new television serials that are very fashionable nowadays. I must confess that I was never that curious to see one single episode of Lost and Heroes is a serial I just heard about in a newspaper.
When I was younger I used to watch all sorts of TV serials like Ally McBeal or NYPD but now I don't have the patience to watch an episode daily or weekly. Sometimes I'm out or I'm busy and then I get nervous or I panic because I missed one episode. So I kind of renounced seeing TV serials. They're catcky and once I see some episodes I know I'll get an addiction.
I still want to see what's with this Doctor Who thing and if it has anything to do with Harry Potter...


Uhm, hi!
Just dropping in because you asked in the sshg_exchange how to propose a prompt:
The exchange has sign-ups for participants, I think there are two rounds each year.
When everybody who wishes to take part has signed up, the mods give out prompts to writers. Basically, if you want to receive something, you have to write / draw something for somebody else.
Then you have a certain timeframe to write and deliver your story or artwork and the mods post them in the exchange.
(Check out the community's user info and the FAQ.

Oh, and Doctor Who isn't exactly a new series and has little to do with Harry Potter, unless JKR was influenced by it while writing. (See here for more information.)

Sorry for barging in like that. :-)
No problem, thank you for the info, I guess I missed this round but I certainly love to read those gorgeous stories. SS/HG is pure delight!