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July 2007

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I'm back

So I 've finished my exams and now I'm free to enjoy my SS/HG readings. I really want to mention that the sshg_exchange community is providing me with wonderful stories and hope they will keep on doing this all summer. I only wish I could have entered some prompts for these talented authors.
I want to start writing fanfics at least some drabbles for starters...


Congrats on finishing your exams...bet you're relieved :).
You bet I am! Now I can enjoy reading everything that I had to postpone because of the damn exams. And now I'm officially graduated!
I take it you haven't received either of the two cards I sent you. I'm gonna take a chance here though Laura and just mail you a small package with a POTC item in it :)
No, I look in my mail every day but I didn't receive anything. Don't know what to say about sending me something bigger. If a card didn''t make it...I really don't want you to waste your money like that!
No, no, it's not a waste of money :). Let's just try it again. Third time's a charm.
Thank you so very much for being so kind! I truly hope I will get it! I don't know how the mail works but isn't there a way to have a guarantee that someone gets something?
Unfortunately the cheapest way to send things internationally is by boat mail ( super slow)or by Global Priority, and they can't track those. UPS they can but it costs a lot more. The package I'm sending isn't really that big.

I was just reading this book last night on gypsies in Europe, and I read where in Romania there are over 2 million gypsies. Do you know any in your city or have seen them? When I was in Europe I saw quite a few in Italy and France.
Oh dear, well I see them every day. The city is full of them! I don't really hold any prejudice against them but some do have such a behaviour...
Okay, I mailed off a small package today for you. :) I was told by the post office that it would take 7-10 business days so it SHOULD end up on your doorstep at the end of NEXT week at the very latest.

Here's an example of just how costly and the difference between shipping. I sent your package by first class US mail, and the postage was inexpensive. But then if I sent it Global Express, the price would have gone up to 35 US dollars shipping. If I had sent it UPS with a tracking number it would arrive to you in 3-5 days, but the price on UPS shipping for a one pound package to Romania is...get this!! FIFTY FIVE US dollars.

So I just sent it US first class LOL. I was surprised...but then again, I have never sent anything to Eastern Europe, only Western Europe, and still, shipping prices are very expensive. It just is outrageous!
Yes, shipping prices can be very expensive. I know this because my aunt in Chicago sent me things by package once or twice a few years ago but they were so expensive that she had to stop. Even sending money was a problem because they kept part of the sum as fee.
I really hope I will get it this time. You see the problem is here in Romania. People are used to opening your mail at the local post office. They have no shame. Once my aunt sent me 20 dollars for my birthday in a postcard and guess what: I received the postcard and no money! Someone working at the postal office or even the mailman must have opened it took the money and sealed it again. I made a complaint of course but nothing happened. So this is how things go around unfortunately.
" Used to opening your mail at the local post office..." Jeez, that's scary...no doubt in my mind that someone stole the money and 'resealed' the envelope. That's awful. We do have mail fraud here though of course...mostly, it's with credit card stuff and then of course, someone can hold up an envelope if it isn't secure and see if there's a check or money order in it...and steal it. It's happened to me before.

Well let's just cross fingers and hope you get it :)
You said that not too many people over there in Romania are into POTC. Maybe if someone DOES open up that package they might get scared seeing Davy Jones' image ;)
Ha ha, maybe!
Or maybe they might think you're crazy...and the men in white coats will come get you LOL ;)
Oh dear, hope they won't!
Congratulations on your exams!

Just wanted to stop by and say I love your LJ icon!
Thank you!
*Spoiler alert*


*grins* I remembered
Thanks so very much! Nothing really about Snape though...:(
Just a few vague hints here and there. I'm still reading it. Had to do some work.
Yap I noticed that there were a few things after all...
Thanks again and if you find something new...
I'm still trying to finish reading that one. I got to page 5 or 6. It is driving me to distraction.
An entirely new community. You have to friend it to get the locked posts.



Oh, yes I am already there :)
Oh, yes I am already there :)
I thought you might be.